Flowers That Start With Z

You wouldn’t think this letter would have any options available, but surprisingly the letter Z has a number of magnificent flowering plants that fall under it.

1. Zinnia Elegans

Youth-and-Age or Zinnia Elegans is part of the Daisy family and is an annual flowering plant.

Zinnia Elegans

2. Zantedeschia

Zantedeschia is a genus of the herbaceous, flowering plants in the Araceae family and is poisonous if eaten.


3. Zygopetalum

Zygopetalum which is a South American genus of the Orchid family has 15 known species.

4. Zenobia

Zenobia, commonly called honey-cup, is an evergreen or deciduous shrub in the Ericaceae native to North America.

5. Zephyranthes

Zephyranthes, commonly called rain lily, rain flower, or storm lily, is a genus of tropical plants that originated from North and South America.


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