Flowers That Start With Y

There are far more flowers that start with the letter Y than you might expect, they range in size and, as you may expect. the list of flowers starting with Y are mostly centered around yellow flowering plants.

1. Yellow Bell

Yellow Bells, the scientific name is Tecoma Stans v. Angustata, is a large evergreen shrub with trumpet-shaped showy yellow flowers and dark green foliage that will brighten up your landscape from spring to fall.

2. Yellow Archangel

A member of the mint family, with silver-variegated foliage and yellow flowers, this shade-loving perennial plant is often used as an ornamental ground cover. It spreads so quickly that it has even become a problem in the wild in some areas.

3. Yellow-Eyed Grass

Yellow-Eyed Grass, also called Sisyrinchium Californicum or Golden-Eyed Grass, is a herbaceous, wetland plant about 8 inches tall blooming from May through June. Its Iris family counts over 250 species.

4. Yellow Wild Indigo

These brilliant yellow, pea-shaped flowers, also known as Baptisia Sphaerocarpa, grow on a drought-resistant, shrubby perennial. Yellow Wild Indigo is toxic to livestock but is perfect for those who desire a colorful, low-maintenance, and long-lived plant for their landscape.

5. Yellow Flag

Yellow Flag goes by several names such as Yellow Iris, Iris Pseudacorus, or Flag Iris. This water-loving plant can be an invasive grower and readily take over a pond.

6. Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel is a native North American clover-looking weed whose all parts are edible. Its other names are Oxalis Stricta, Common Yellow Oxalis, and Upright Yellow Wood-sorrel.

7. Yellow Coneflower

Yellow Coneflower or Ratibida Pinnata originates from dry prairies and savannas. Its long bloom period and attractive look make it perfect for a wildflower garden.

8. Yarrow

Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) is a versatile perennial having whorls of tiny and dense flowers. It is also a medicinal herb that can be found on waysides and pastures.