Flowers That Start With F

1. Fairy Duster

Fairy duster is a small evergreen shrub that can be found in hot and arid desert gardens. It features unusual furry blooms in shades of white, cream, or pink; and feathery foliage. Its height can vary from 1 to 5ft.

Fairy Duster

2. False Rue Anemone

False rue anemone features white flowers with 5 petal-like sepals that grow individually or in groups of 2-3. Its leaves can be either basal or alternate and grow in 1-in tall branches.

False Rue Anemone

3. Fan Flower

Fan flower is a delicate flowering plant that features flowers in fanlike patterns with a wonderfully exotic look. While the petal flowers are in blue, pink, white and purple; its thoats are in vibrant yellow and white. 

Fan Flower

4. Fern Leaf Yarrow

Fern leaf yarrow is more known for its anti-inflammatory properties as a herbal medicine than its beauty. It features clustered flowers that can measure up to 4″ across. 

Fern Leaf Yarrow

5. Feverfew

The feverfew is a species of chrysanthemum that features small, white flowers with vibrant yellow centers. It is grown in herb and medicinal gardens for its medical benefits or in regular gardens for its decorative qualities.


6. Fire Pink

Fire pink features vibrant red tubular flowers that bloom in loose clusters at tops of 1-2ft reclining stems. The flowers consist of five sharp-pointed petals that flare out from the bases. 

Fire Pink

7. Firecracker Flower

Firecracker flower can be found as a bedding plant in tropical and subtropical areas thanks to its narrow, oblong leaves and showy flowers that come in various colors depending on its breeder, including Mona Wallhead (Salmon pink flowers), Lutea (Rich golden flowers), Orange Marmalade (Bright orange flowers.)

Firecracker Flower

8. Fivespot

Fivespot is known for their beautiful, striking flowers that bloom consistently all spring long. It is named after the way its flowers are structured: five pastel blue or white petals that are tipped with a deep purple spot.


9. Flame Nettle

Flame nettle is a delightful Australian native flowering plant that is mostly used as an ornamental houseplant or outdoor summer bedding scheme. It is prized for its impressive, bright and showy foliage.

Flame Nettle

10. Flannel Flower

Flannel flowers are prized for their soft white velvety flowers and silvery foliage. They can be found in between rocks or in a cottage garden where they are used to soften edges.

Flannel Flower

11. Flax Flower

Flax flower is a perennial featuring abundant flowers that bloom from May through September. It is grown to its seed oil or as food for livestock.

Flax Flower

12. Floss Flower

Floss flower is prized for its whimsical pom-pom-shaped flowers that come in shades of blue, white, pink, lavender and red. With sizes ranging from a few inches high to three feet tall, floss flowers can be found in either containers or along pathways as well as massed in displays.

Floss Flower

13. Forget Me Not

Forget me not features charming blue blooms with five petals and yellow centers. Due to its growing habit, it is usually found near brooks and streams or other bodies of water.

Forget Me Not

14. Forsythia

Forsythias is a low maintenance and fast growing, flowering shrub that belongs to the olive family. It is prized for its long branches with vibrant yellow blooms in the spring.


15. Four O’clock

Four o’clock plant is a bushy tuberous-rooted flowering perennial featuring oval leaves on branching stems. It is named four o’clock because of their blooming habit: the flowers bloom around 4pm and remain open until the next morning. Its flowers feature trumpet shaped petals in shades of pink and red.

Four O’clock

16. Foxglove

Foxglove features clusters of tubular shaped blooms in shades of white, lavender, yellow, pink, red, and purple. Its stems can reach up to 6ft in the right condition.


17. Frangipani

Frangipani is praised for its beautiful flowers that come in shades of pink, yellow, white, red. Flowers of the frangipani tree have an exotic and tropical fragrance, and are usually used in perfumes, lotions and candles.


18. Freesia

Freesia features trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom on just one side of their arching stems. It is very popular to florists thanks to its long vase life and jewel-toned shades of white, yellow, orange, scarlet, pink, royal blue, lavender, and various bicolors. It is also praised for its intoxicating scent.


19. French Marigold

French marigold is a flowering plant in the daisy family that originated from Mexico and Guatemala. It is prized for its beautiful 1-4 inches flowers in shades of white, yellow, orange, mahogany, maroon, and rust, standing out in between dark green leaves.

French Marigold

20. Frikart’s Aster

Frikart’s Aster features loose, bushy mound, dark green leaves and wide blossoms in lavender-blue shades and yellow centers.

Frikart’s Aster

21. Fuschia

Fuschia is praised for its delicate flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. It can be found hanging beautifully in baskets, planters and pots thanks to its bushy and trailing effect.


22. Fumewort (Corydalis solida)

Fumewort features mauve-pink, purple, or white tubular flowers that stand out from grayish-green foliage. It is a great option to add interest to any shady garden nooks.

Fumewort (Corydalis solida)


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