Flowers That Start With J

1. Japanese Toad Lily

The Japanese toad lily is an attractive flowering plant in the lily family and can be found in shady landscapes. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be startled or bell-shaped and bloom in spotted colors.

Japanese Toad Lily

2. Japanese Water Iris

Japanese water iris is a low maintenance flowering plant that favours wet conditions. Standing out from the attractive medium green foliage are the beautiful water iris that is available in a wide range of colors, from purple to white.

Japanese Water Iris

3. Japanese Barberry

Japanese barberry is a shrub that is prized for their rich coloured flowers and year-round garden interest. Its leaves are bright green in the spring but turn to orange or reddish in the fall. 

Japanese Barberry

4. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s ladder is prized for its beautiful foliage, which is densely packed along the stems as a clump with a fern-like appearance. It has small loose clusters of flowers that hang like bells and come in white, pink, blue or yellow.

Jacob’s Ladder

5. Jerusalem Sage

Jerusalem sage is a shrub originated from the Middle East, and can flourish even in drought conditions and poor soil. It features a lot of yellow flowers on the upper ends of its stems that will turn into seed heads if left on the plant.

Jerusalem Sage

6. Jewelweed

Jewelweed is a wildflower, commonly used as a bedding plant. It can grow to 5 feets tall and bloom from spring to early fall. Jewelweed features orange or yellow flowers with reddish brown spots on the petals, followed by explosive seed capsules.


7. Johnson’s Beehive Cactus

Johnson’s beehive cactus is also known as Echinomastus Johnsonii. When matures, the plant produces green to dark looking stems that are covered by long brown looking spines.

Johnson’s Beehive Cactus

8. Jamesia Americana

Jamesia Americana features intensely fragrant and showy clusters of white flowers. The leaves are heavy textured and green in spring but will transform to orange and pink tones in the autumn. 

Jamesia Americana

9. Joe Pye Weed

Joe pye weed is an attractive plant featuring pale pink to purple flowers and blooms from midsummer to fall. It is usually found in gardens and attracts butterflies with its sweet nectar.

Joe Pye Weed

10. Jumping Cholla

Jumping cholla, also known as teddy bear cholla, is an attractive cactus with dense masses of spines that form a teddy bear-like appearance. Although it may look harmless from a distance, the spines are formidable and seem to “catch” nearby objects.

Jumping Cholla

11. Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemone, also known as Japanese thimbleweed, is a tall stately flowering plant with glossy foliage. The flowers are saucer-shaped, ranging in shades of white to creamy pink with a green center. 

Japanese Anemone

12. Japanese Iris

Japanese iris is a low maintenance flowering plant that grows well in wet conditions. Standing out from the attractive medium green foliage are the beautiful water iris that is available in a wide range of colors, from purple to white.

Japanese Iris

13. Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke is an edible plant in the sunflower family. The edible portion is the misshapen tuber that grows below the ground and dug in the fall. 

Jerusalem Artichoke

14. Japanese Kerria

Japanese kerria is a versatile shrub featuring greenish yellow stems and green leaves that turn yellow in fall. The flowers are golden yellow and look like chrysanthemum. 

Japanese Kerria

15. Jasmine

Jasmine features exotc fragrant white flowers living in warmer climates. The plant can be vines, bushes or evergreen. Thanks to its fragrance, it is used in perfumes and many other applications.


16. Jaborosa

Jaborosa features tubular and night-scented, showy blossoms that bloom throughout the warm season, and quickly decompose when sprinkled with water.  


17. Joseph’s Coat

Joseph’s coat is a flowering plant featuring small blooms that accent the vibrant leaves. Its leaves are in dark green, with pink, orange, red or purple splotches, which is the real start of the show.

Joseph’s Coat


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