Flowers That Start With H

1. Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly bamboo is known for its excellent red berries and foliage color which can add multi-season beauty to any garden. It features tiny, white, nectar-rich flowers that attract bees and other pollinators when blooming, followed by green berries which then turn red when ripen.

Heavenly Bamboo

2. Hepatica

Hepatica is commonly known as liverleaf, liverwort, or squirrel cups. It features colorful flowers with a delicate light scent that stand out of the three-lobed and dark green leaves. 


3. Hosta

Hosta is favoured by gardeners for its lush foliage and low maintenance habit. The leaves come in a variety of greens, ranging from deep green to light chartreuse to soft creamy white, depending on how bright the sun is in your area. 


4. Heather

Heather is an evergreen, branching shrub featuring 1/8″-in leaves that change colors throughout the seasons. It has small flowers in white, purple or mauve which form into long racemes and bloom from summer to fall.


5. Hooker’s Orchid Cactus

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus is a climbing cactus featuring long, strappy foliage and has a lovely sculptural effect. The flowers are big, fragrant and only bloom at night.

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus

6. Honesty

Honesty features interesting 4-petaled flowers with color ranging from deep purple to white. However, honesty is prized for its translucent, round and flat seed pods which are widely used as an ornamental feature for journaling purposes.


7. Hollow Root

Hollow root is a perennial plant with unbranched and hairless shoots growing from a hollow tube. It has hairless, double-three part leaves in blue green sitting alternately on the stem. Hollow root carries slightly fragrant blooms in dark pink or violet.

Hollow Root

8. Hebe

Hebe is an evergreen with different varieties, some bloom in summer and last throughout fall, others offer winter blooms. Hebe features spiky flowers coming in a wide variety of colors, from white, pink, crimson to blue.


9. Highbush Blueberry

Highbush blueberry, whose fruits can easily found in grocery stores, is a member of the Vaccinium genus.

It is an acid-loving plant and adapts live well in low fertility habitats. 

Highbush Blueberry

10. Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus is a flowering plant featuring single or double blooms in a variety of colors ranging from salmond, peach, red to white. It displays deep green, glossy, heart-shaped leaves.

Hardy Hibiscus

11. Hellebore

Hellebore is one of the earliest blooms found in many areas around the world, featuring long-lasting, fragrant flowers that come in a range of flowers, from white to black. Apart from the beautiful flowers, the plant also has attractive and aesthetically pleasing green foliage. 


12. Hypericum

Hypericum is a perennial shrub that is noted for their beautiful bright yellow flowers. Being easy-care and deer resistant, hypericum is usually used for mass plantings, groundcovers and informal borders.


13. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a heat-tolerant flowering plant with lovely fragrant flowers and sweet-tasting nectar. Its flower colours range from yellow to bright red and attract bees while blooming.


14. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a low maintenance flowering plant with an old-fashioned charm during summertime. The flowers come in a great variety of colors, from clear blue, vibrant pink, white to lavender. Sometimes, different colored flowers can bloom on the same plant.


15. Heliotrope

Heliotrope is a small shrub-like flowering plant that can grow up to 4-ft high. It features long-blooming flowers that come in varieties from white and lavender; and long oval leaves in dark green.


16. Hummingbird’s Mint

Hummingbird Mint, also known as Agastache, is prized for its showy, fragrant, long-blooming flowers. As the name suggested, the plant attracts hummingbirds.

Hummingbird’s Mint

17. Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

Hybrid tuberous begonia features flowers and foliage that are diverse in colors and sizes. The round leaves come with a pale green reverse or red veins and the flowers come in pale pink or white.

Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

18. High Mallow

High mallow, also known as malva neglecta, grows up to 24-in tall and resembles hollyrock. It features pink or white hollyrock-like flowers and wavy-edged leaves.

High Mallow

19. Helenium

Helenium features simple daisy-like flowers that come in various shades of yellow, from gold, orange, to brown. It has lance-shaped foliage with stiff stems and grows to a mature size of 3-5 ft tall in just one season.


20. Horned Violet

Horned violet is noted for its winter and heat tolerance, prized for its large fragrant, violet flowers with yellow centers. It is mostly used for massing, edging rock gardens or in mixed pots.

Horned Violet

21. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is prized for its lovely fragrant flowers that can be noticed even at a distance. The flowers are in bright shades of white, blue, purple, pink, and red. It can be found both in the ground or pots, or even water bulb vases with no soil.


22. Hollyhock

Hollyhock is a classic cottage garden staple featuring cop-shaped flowers that bloom on tall spikes. The flowers come in a wide variety of colors, from blue, pink, purple, yellow to black. 



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