Flowers That Start With X

One would think that flowers starting with X would be a letter of the alphabet that wouldn’t produce to many options, but if you’re in search of a a flowering plant beginning with X then we’ve got you covered.

1. Xyris

Xyris is a genus in the yellow-eyed-grass family counting over 250 different flowers that primarily grow in the Guianas.


2. Xylobium

Xylobium genus encompasses 35 different flowering plants that grow well in humidity from 40 to 70%. Its native range is from Mexico to Brazil.


3. Xerochrysum

Xerochrysum is the Australian genus of flowering plants commonly referred to as Helichrysum Bracteatum. Its species are all medium-sized perennial herbs in open places.

4. Xyris Difformis

Xyris Difformis is a perennial herb up to 3 feet tall with yellow flowers. This North American wetland plant is more commonly known by the name “Bog yellow-eyed grass”.

Xyris Difformis

5. Xeranthemum

This genus originates from Southern Europe and is in the Asteraceae family. Its members are known for their silvery foliage and daisy-like flowers in the shade of purple, pink, and white.

6. Xanthoceras Sorbifolium

Also called Yellowhorn, Goldenhorn, or Chinese flowering chestnut, Xanthoceras Sorbifolium is a deciduous shrub or small long-lived flowering tree from Northern China. It blooms the most beautifully in dry spring and warm summer.

7. Xerophyllum

Xerophyllum, a genus of perennial plants with 2 species in North America, is featured with its creamy white inflorescences. Blooming occurs from 5 to 7 years.


8. Xylosma

This genus includes around 100 flowering evergreen shrubs. The plants may grow up to 12 feet tall and wide making them a good choice for hedges and windbreaks.


9. Xanthisma

Xanthisma, commonly called sleepy-daisy, is a native North American genus of herb and derives its name from Greek.

Xanthisma spinulosum at the west base of the Guadalupe Mountains near Pup Canyon, 32.396 -105.090, Otero County, New Mexico, 28 Aug 2014.