Flowers That Start With V

1. Virginia Bluebells

A spring, ephemeral species with lavender-blue, bell-shaped flowers, Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia Virginia) makes a spectacular sight when blooming in masses in mid-spring.

virginia bluebells

2. Virginia Sweetspire

Virginia Sweetspire, also called Virginia Willow and Itea Virginica, produces drooping flowering branches. That its leaves can turn shades of red, orange, and gold can bring autumn colors to your garden for a long period.

virginia sweetspire

3. Viper’s Bugloss

Viper’s Bugloss or Echium vulgare is a hairy plant in the borage family. It is toxic to livestock if ingested.

Viper’s Bugloss

4. Viburnum

The Viburnum genus comprises 150-175 flowering plants that most of which are dioecious. Some member species are edible, while a few are mildly poisonous.


5. Vinca Minor

Pest-free and easy-care, Vinca Minor (commonly known as Vinca or Periwinkle) is a trailing shrub widely used as ground cover.

Vinca Minor

6. Violet

Violet (Viola) is the largest genus in the Violaceae family, including more than 525 species. Found primarily in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, the species bloom from fall to spring depending on the variety.


7. Viola Wittrockiana

Viola wittrockiana or Pansy is a biennial perennial, usually grown as bedding for cool weather.

Viola Tricolor

8. Viola Tricolor

Also called wild Pansy or Johnny Jump up, Viola Tricolor is a European annual or short-lived perennial producing three-toned flowers and lobed leaves.

Viola Wittrockiana

9. Veronica Incana

Typically blooming from June to August, Veronica Incana (commonly known as Silver Speedwell) bears violet-blue flowers and silver-gray leaves and is an excellent fresh-cut flower.

Veronica Incana

10. Verbena

The Verbena genus encompasses about 150 annual flowering plants, often used as low trailers in containers or bedding.



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