Flowers That Start With U

1. Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi is a low-growing evergreen shrub in the Arctostaphylosgenus commonly referred to as bearberry. The Latin name Uva Ursi which means “bear’s grape” was derived because bears love this plant’s berries.

Uva Ursi

2. Ulex-Europaeus

A member of the family Fabaceae, Ulex-Europaeus is a spiny, long-lived, evergreen shrub that is extremely competitive. Its oily foliage and seeds are highly flammable.

Ulex Europaeus

3. Urn Plant

The Urn plant is one of the best houseplants because of its adaptability to indoors and its unique, delicate appearance. This bromeliad plant is also called Aechmea and the Silver Vase plant.

Urn Plant

4. Uinta-Cactus

Because of its rarity and its beautiful purplish-red flowers, the Uinta Basin hookless cactus (Sclerocactus wetlandicus) is targeted by cactus collectors and has become endangered.

Uinta Cactus

5. Ursinia

Belonging to the daisy family, Ursinia is a genus of about 40 annual, perennial flowering plants known for their glorious, daisy-like flowers.


6. Ulex-Gallii

Ulex gallii, commonly known as the Western Gorse, is a spiny evergreen shrub that thrives in sandy soil in full sun and produces yellow, pea-like flowers.



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