Flowers That Start With E

1. Echinacea

Echinacea, also known as coneflowers, is a bright and upright plant in the daisy family. It features dark green foliage on a stem that grows to 2-4 feet in height. Echinacea flowers draw butterflies, bees, and birds to the garden.


2. Echium

Echium is nicknamed “tower of jewels”. The plant can grow to nearly 7 ft tall, while carrying tiny, salmon color flowers, creating a whimsical display of beauty.


3. Eve’s Needle Cactus

Eve’s Needle Cactus is a tree cactus featuring awl-like and green-yellow leaves. In native habitat, it can grow up to 13 feets.

Eve’s Needle Cactus

4. Evening Primrose

Evening primrose features beautiful and delicate yellow flowers that bloom open in the evening and close throughout the day. 

Evening Primrose

5. Echinopsis

Echinopsis is a cactus plant originating from South America. It features beautiful big flowers in multicolored with a beautiful blend. Unlike most cactus that only blooms once a year, echinopsis blooms whenever the temperatures hit 21-degree celsius.


6. Ear-leaved Tickseed

Ear-leaved Tickseed is a low maintenance perennial that can tolerate humidity and dry conditions well. Its vibrant little blooms make it perfect to grow in borders and beds. 

Ear-leaved Tickseed

7. English Daisy

English daisy is a flowering plant whose flowers come in various shades of color, each of which makes a category. The most popular varieties of English Daisy are Galaxy (red, white, or rose flowers with a yellow eye), Pomponette (a mix of colors with quilled petals), Tasso Pink (bubblegum-pink pom pom blooms) and Habanera Red Tips (white pom poms with red tips).

English Daisy

8. Erica

Erica is an evergreen perennial with a wide range of flower colours, from white to pink, red and mauve. It also varies in growth habit, from ground cover to bushy plant. Gardeners use erica to bring long-lasting colour in the garden all year round.


9. Erigeron

Erigeron is a cute and easy to grow flowering plant that resists marauding deer. It can easily be found as a ground cover, or around the corners to soften edges. It features perky rays of pastel narrow petals with a bright center disk that is known to bring a casual feel to the garden.


10. Egyptian Star Flower

Egyptian Star Flower is a semi-tropical shrub with shallow blooms that act as a butterfly beacon. Its blooms cluster and are available in vibrant red, pink, and purple shades.

Egyptian Star Flower

11. Euphorbia cyathophora

Euphorbia cyathophora features long and stalked leaves in various shapes, including linear to oblong with lobes. When mature, its flower produces 3 blackseeds, which makes it a self-seed plant.

Euphorbia cyathophora

12. Everlasting Flower

Everlasting Flower is a flowering plant in the Compositae or aster family. The flowers are a composite of various individual flowers that comes into one head. As the name suggests, its flowers can last for a really long time and thus, are used as fried flowers.

Everlasting Flower

13. Eastern Coneflower

Eastern Coneflower is a flowering plant in the sunflower family, featuring purple flowers that draw bees and butterflies. It can be found in the garden or flower bed.

Eastern Coneflower

14. Elecampane

Elecampane is a flowering plant in the sunflower family that has a long history of medical uses. It features tall stalks, pastel green foliage that can grow up to 2 ft in length. Its bright yellow flowers carry large seed heads in the center. 


15. Evolvus

Evolvus features flowers that come in one of the most elusive colors in the flower world – bright cobalt blue. Being fairly low-maintenance and self-cleaning, it is a perfect addition to any garden bed and container.


16. English Bluebell

English bluebell features trumpet-shaped blooms with upturned lips and strong sweet fragrance. Traditionally, they are an identifier of woodland, but nowadays, they can be found in a shady backyard garden.

English Bluebell

17. Eustoma

Eustoma is a flowering plant that features large funnel-shaped flowers in all shades of pink, purple, white, and blue.



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