Flowers That Start With Q

1. Queen of the Meadow

Queen of the Meadow forms clusters of sweetly-fragrant, creamy-white flowers that various insects love. It has several names including Meadowsweet, Mead wort, Pride of the Meadow, Bridewort.

Queen of the Meadow

2. Queen’s Cup

Queen’s Cup bears small six-petal white blossoms singly and large blade-shaped leaves. It goes by several names such as Clintonia uniflora, Bride’s Bonnet, and Bead Lily.

Queen of the Meadow

3. Queen Anne’s Lace

The Queen Anne’s Lace flower, also known as Wild Carrot, Bird’s Nest, and Daucus carota, has flat-topped clusters made up of tiny white flowers resembling lace. And its root smells like carrots.

Queen of the Meadow

4. Quesnelia

Endemic to Eastern Brazil, the Quesnelia genus encompasses 22 flowering plants whose cone-shaped blossoms are very striking and prolifically growing in the landscape.


5. Quaker Ladies

Also known as Azure Bluet and Houstonia caerulea, Quaker Ladies is considered the most aesthetically dainty of the small wildflowers in its Houstonia genus.

Quaker Ladies

6. Quince

Being easy to grow, hardy, drought-resistant, and beautiful with sunset-colored flowers, the flowering Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) is usually grown as a barrier or border plant.



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